"Baikal Tayozhnitsa"
Our company is engaged in the production of environmentally friendly products
from the taiga gifts of the Baikal Taiga! Our products are prepared in compliance with old recipes, and interesting new recipes acquired over the years of our work are also applied. We are constantly working on expanding the range of our products! New items are released, which we tested on ourselves and were convinced of their quality and effectiveness. All products undergo strict control and have all the necessary permits and quality certificates. For us, the opinion of buyers about our products is important. We are sensitive to every feedback and request. We appreciate the nature of Baikal! Its rare plants, which allow us to create products - unique in composition and properties. This makes our products exclusive! The raw materials for our production are collected by hand by the indigenous people of the Baikal region.
Our companies cooperate with many transport companies, so we can deliver products to almost anywhere in Russia and the world.
We work on transfers to a current account and a magnetic card.
We build long-term partnerships. We optimize our work. All terms of cooperation are discussed for a mutually beneficial solution!
Our production
Ivan tea, Chaga tea, Sagaan-dali, medicinal herbs, herbal teas.
Honey, bee products, honey compositions in honey.
Oils, tinctures, medicinal ointments.
Berry concentrates.
Flour, cake.
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Export Center
The shops:
"Health shop" Buiko str. 20a
"Honey and Nut Yard" Tulaev st. 108